Organic Plant-based fashion brand 

"Satisfying the taste of aesthetics"

Our apparel is plant-dyed not chemical-dyed, made to order, coupled with feelings. The uniqueness about our brand is its ability to release therapeutic benefits due to the natural materials used in our textiles. Therefore our garments are biodegradable, sustainable, and does not expose human skin to harmful toxic chemicals like most brands today.
Some of the chemicals used today are known as carcinogens and potentially disrupt the human reproductive hormone cells and have other potentially harmful effects.

Here are just a few articles/publications about chemicals in the Fashion Industry
Chemicals from textiles to skin
The Hidden Health Dangers of New Clothes


Tailor / Alterations

We provide conventional clothing alterations by appointments only., Pant hemming, dress hems, suits, etc..

Custom Apparel Manufacturing

We make small quantities of our own products using our own organic materials.