SWIYYAH™ is an all-natural, plant-dyed, breathable, stylish, biodegradable fashion brand; providing custom green textile and apparel manufacturing services. We’re a brand built for farm workers, American aspiring designers, celebrities, family, clients and friends who may have breathing difficulties, gotten sick or even past away from the possibilities of being exposed to PFAS, unknown chemicals and/or toxic chemical dyes in textiles and related products. 

 PFAS is poisoning at least 3 million people and killing 20 to 40,000 people a year. Textile dyes may possess a measurable amount of unexpected hazardous radioactivity. – National Institute of Health - 2014. 
Over 8,000 chemicals and dyes are used to turn raw material into clothing including some organic label brands.
Workers and designers come in direct contact with these chemicals and toxic dyes putting themselves, there families and clients at risk of contracting deadly diseases. The time has come for Aspiring American Fashion Designers to stop the cycle of fashion climate destruction. 

Aspiring American Fashion Designers and Independent American Fashion Designers learn from experts join SWIYYAH™ and become a part of the nation's leading all-natural, green clothing brand. Become a "Green Fashion Designer", design and sew with your own green fabrics, Do your part and help protect our eco-system.

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See how SWIYYAH™ is the nation's climate action brand.

Every year 11 million tons of fast fashion clothing is placed in the landfill. - Oxfam

We love transparency! We are not fast fashion and you will never see our brand in the landfill. Take a look at our photos from a 9-month study in Phoenix, Arizona. You'll see the SWIYYAH™ brand placed on the ground, the final photo shows it has gone back to its organic cotton fiber stage.

 SWIYYAH™ Fabrics Phase 2 months

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