The SWIYYAH™ Collection

Did you know, the SWIYYAH™ Collection is allergenic, carcinogenic and toxic chemical- free? Facts! . Our process is simply saving global water issues,. Our brand,  100% environmentally safe to  eat and wear without the use of chemcial-dye, PFAS,  fossil fuel machines. or toxic plastic.


What are some of my friends saying about me behind the scenes?

Thanks Jade! My sister absolutely loves your chemo scarves! We gave her the perfect gift to comfort her through this! She absolutely loves them! 

Jade! Thank you for redesigning my clothes! You did an amazing job! Definitely well spent!  You really know what you're doing with those machines! Reminds me of myself when I was younger. Thank you very much!

Hey Jade! My pants are PERFECT and I'm loving the way your shirt feels against my body without a t-shirt! If you could only see the smile on my face. Add more shirts to my invoice in yellow and black. and (2) indigo shirt ties. Thanks


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